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Rush of tide


Endless waves can dull the mind, serving fear and comfort with each slap against the sand and each soft, lapping return to the depths.

This impossibly repetitive process can lead to resistance, even confidence, more often than not yielding to stark terror and cataclysmic realization, but the inevitable will occur- something will snap, and its a poor wager to try and face down the limitless chasm of waves that ripple through the mind daily without the certainty of death at the forefront of ones consciousness.

I find it interesting that many great artistic contemporaries in the last few generations have vocalized a conceptual struggle to live in the present for reasons contained above, but I’d have to say honestly that the reactionary, the moral majority, and the xenophobic are the true masters of living in the now. No others can serve themselves with no regard for the moment as they can, whatever implications or wild instinctual beliefs must be quoted or whatever empirical evidence need be stymied.

Letting the waves beat at my brain… sometimes just dulling the outside edges… have to stay strong, have to keep the edge bright and sharp. Have to remember that archetypes of proto-man serve well in this society, even if blinding rhetoric can dull them as the waves dull my mind, it remains sharp enough to cut and draw blood in any context.

If you can face the waves long enough to see past the standard, I maintain a cherished hope that shortly before being carried away by inevitable forces and embracing the random, the information you’ve fought to retain will give you a reason to hold on to that perhaps the choice you’ve made was the only one YOU could make, at that time, for whatever cause or center you could need.


2012 In Fartrospect: Premature Revaculation

Well, this year has seen almost no updates from Cold Craving. 2012 was the fourth year you could call this whole “thing” some kind of tangible vehicle with any real carrying value. Bearing that in mind, and the fact that almost nothing has been shouted/rambled/harangued as part of this vehicle in 2012, I present a wrap-up of events and a list of cool or severely uncool shit for 2012. You may be asking “why is this being posted so early? its the beginning of December”. The reason for that is because after the show Cold Craving is playing this week, you can expect even LESS from us for a month or two. So Im getting it out of the way.

Stuff That Happened:

- We started recording a song every month for a project called “Getting Frostimental”. We failed monumentally to achieve the goal we set for ourselves, having only 3 songs finished by the end of this year.

- … part of the reason that happened is that we wrote another release by accident and “released” that as Oilslick instead.

- I spent most of the year touring the planet with WAKE. Will studied a lot and played in Tel Fyr. Rod went to Vietnam on a minibike. Jay learned the meaning of true darkness. James worked on payphones I think.

- We played something like six shows… a low number, even for us.

Critical Analysis:

Firstly, this year I had a crisis of faith. Making stuff that doesn’t really generate “vibes” or breakdowns, and then trying to develop and release it in a format that doesn’t fit a standard mold, all while completely refusing to go through any normal channels or make usual promotional efforts that are routine for musical acts, is a stressful business. No complaints- none at all, of course. Just saying that this year I definitely didn’t push brashfully forward as hard as I had in years past. Will was hugely busy with school this year as well, which decreased output even further, and to be honest Im getting older and a lot less resilient to the elements and to being awake 20 hours out of 24.

Secondly, my desire to continue to be overly critical of a subculture that is filled with fucking idiots, contradictory rhetoric, complete vomit headwastes and posers masquerading as “legit” without raising a single challenge to anyone listening, aurally or otherwise - and to do it via the same medium they pollute, skullfuck and patrol daily - is starting to become stale and insincere to me. I am not these people, we have nothing in common, and they rule this wasteland with an iron fist. Im starting to see this work as needing serious re-tooling.

Ultimately however, I don’t consider this vehicle finished until I am. Whatever value it might have though, I couldnt say. Clearly things must change. But they certainly didn’t in 2012. Will 2013 bring new things? I don’t know, but right now, I don’t think so.

2012, The Good:
- KEN Mode won a juno
- Propagandhi are still playing
- Les Discrets released an amazing LP
- Rob Ford is no longer the mayor of Toronto
- Circle Takes The Square thankfully haven’t released their new LP
- Tyler Semrick-Palmateer unleashes the bizarre and difficult “Barbara”
- Purity Ring makes Witch House radio-friendly

2012, The Bad:
- Skramz continues to pollute the minds of people who should know better and would rather relive bullshit that happened when they were 12 than try and meaningfully re-invent their own reality through music
- I am not yet dead
- Shoegaze is the latest of the “re-raped, re-packaged subcultures” to find a home amongst permapubescent white people everywhere, replacing Youth Attack’s ouvre as Mark McCoy weeps in a nekrokvlt basement somewhere
- breakcore/step/mosh continues to groom the 14-18 demographic before they graduate into skramdom
- The Guitar has not yet been wholly replaced with the Hammered Dulcimer
- Jesus still has voting power 2000 years later
- xenophobia is becoming the new foreign policy
- The Arctic Monkeys are Olympic Material

I hope your 2012 wasn’t as bitter as mine, and I hope your 2013 won’t be as bitter as mine will be. I’m going down to my own nekrokvlt basement now, emerging only for this show and again on january 1st 2013, where I will see my own shadow and declare everything will be as shitty tomorrow as it was today.


we don’t play as many shows as we used to. If anyone has any interest in seeing us, I’d attend this…

we don’t play as many shows as we used to. If anyone has any interest in seeing us, I’d attend this…

Oilslick 08 12 12

Oilslick 08 12 12



FYI, a new Cold Craving recording will be online for you to download or listen to or ignore, at your own pleasure or peril, in the very near future. (One of the songs is right here.) I have a few things I’d like to say in the eye of it’s pending “release”.

  • It’s not very long. This recording is a release in lieu of us finishing our year-long project “Getting Frostimental”. The reason for that is because we wound up writing a bunch of songs that worked together as a release, and we figured we might as well “release” them together. Bearing that in mind…
  • … It won’t be released in a physical format. I’ve started to feel increasingly anomic with regards to music, specifically “heavy” music, and how it should be presented, sold, and consumed. People are quick to say “the game is changing man. Music is different beast now. The industry doesn’t know how to deal with the internet!” and then immediately turn around and demand a traditional, tired, tried-and-true “release” that follows an album-press-tour cycle in order to make them feel a band is “hardworking”. As morons with nothing to lose, and a marked disinterest in what EVERYONE involved in music as a whole thinks, from the people running Atlantic Records to Ltd-To-66 Mysterious Guy, I’m going to try just putting this on the internet and seeing if how people listen to it is affected. (This has nothing to do with money. The idea that I would make money from any Cold Craving music is laughable enough).
  • It is what it is. I gave up on categorizing music. Genres are worthless, everything is derivative in this field, and everyone does the same thing and defines their efforts with marketing. I’m a notorious babbler but I’m through talking about banal garbage like this.
  • Songs from this recording may appear on later releases. After all, who doesn’t love Face To Face?

Part of me wants to talk about this, and about what the lyrics are about, and about why this is relevant to you. But honestly, I think I’ve exhausted myself worrying about things like that. I need a break from music and this will be the last thing I’ll really throw myself at, musically for a bit. Sorry for the rant.



Preview of the new Cold Craving “EP” I guess… more details/info next week.


Cold Craving FAQ: “Why Dont You Have Any Shirts?”

Jamming the new master. Sounds good. Needs a name still. “Jotuncat” is already taken…

So I figured I’d address a question I get constantly for the sake of being a contrarian internet dick. That question is “Hey I want a shirt, do you guys have medium? Wait, you don’t have ANY shirts? What the fuck? That’s fucking stupid man”.

Part the first: No, we have no t-shirts. Mediums, even!

Part the second: Yes it is definitely stupid. I mean, it’d be stupid if we were struggling to make you give a shit about our band, and to make gas money to get to the next city we’re not going to, and needed an outmoded, slavish, littered-with-contradictions way to do so. Then, yes, we would buy some crappy t-shirts manufactured in China and hire a minimum-wage crust punk to smear paint through a screen with a dumbass design I made onto it so you could wear it to your COMS 205 class and make people think you know what the fuck you’re talking about when it comes to “Skramz” or whatever.

I’m too old, and too disinterested in the “business” of failing at making money to care enough to sell you a T-Shirt. If you like music you’ll fucking listen to it and let it enrich your life. T-Shirts are for bunk slogans and metalcore bands to showcase gaudy bullshit for tweens.



Isn’t it

kind of hilarious that hardcore bands/bands with obscure labels who are basically hardcore bands do the “album/tour cycle” thing? As if that marketing isn’t a) a staple of the Old Guarde RIAA way of selling music that is literally fucking dead, and b) a shameless tool to get people to give a shit about you? What about that “hardcore” thing, eh? I thought you kinda dug that. Oh and don’t get me wrong, I know it “works” and shit. It’s just fucking stupid.

By way of complaining, here is a shameless plug. Cold Craving will have a new release this month. It is about being rural and proud but not being some fucking dickhead or whatever.